Hello Fellow Dreamers,

Artists, writers, and other creatives inspire us to pursue our dreams. These tenacious women know that life is a journey—not a destination.

They have discovered at 40, or even at 50, that as new chapters begin, new opportunities  unfold as these dream seekers  begin to explore their unique talents and gifts.

With my Women Who Dare to Dream blog, I hope to encourage you to pursue and realize your dreams. I will be interviewing dreamers, who are starting to gain traction, dream realizers, who have built successful careers, and advisers with tips to begin the process, stay on track, and set next goals.

If you are a dream seeker or realizer, I would like to share your journey.

Because many journalists and editors have been downsized, with the shift from print to digital media, these writers are looking for new ways to use their creativity and passion.

Many markets have dramatically reduced how they pay writers.  So freelancers are pivoting to more lucrative avenues of writing, such as copywriting for marketing agencies or other businesses.

My next series of blogs will focus on journalists pivoting to content writing for PR firms, marketing agencies, and specialty industries.